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Concealer For Men The Ultimate Guide

When you look at all the big male stars these days, one of the first things you’ll notice is their perfectly flawless skin. You might think that it’s just pure coincidence that all these guys look so good when in glossy mags, when they’re being interviewed, or if they’re even on TV. You may also think that their awesome complexions are simply down to good living. However, in reality, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Many male celebs not only rely on airbrushing when in

I Have Really Bad Acne, What Can I Do?

Hi MMUK MAN, I am 16 years old and currently suffer from really bad acne.  I have found your website and would like some advise.  I read on your 'Determine Your Skin Tone' page that if I sent you a recent picture you would be able to advise me on the correct shade of makeup for my skin.  Here is a photo of me. I would like a product or products that takes away the worst of the redness but not total coverage and that looks natural. I am currently taking Roaccutance which cause

Why Is It Important To Buy Cruelty-Free Men's Beauty Products?

You’ll find the subject of testing on animals still applies even in 2019. Companies still make the conscious decision to test on animals for their beauty brands. At the end of the day it is majority to fill their profits. However, there are 100’s of companies who are either switching or were founded with the message of not testing on animals. It is an important global problem that is on the minds of many consumers to whether it makes a difference. The truth is it makes a huge

Male Makeup Brand MMUK MAN Launches World's First Lipstick For Men

With one in five America men now dabbling in cosmetics - makeup firm MMUK MAN have this week launched the world's first men's lipstick, to cater for their fast-evolving bathroom needs. In a true beauty first, one business based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has pushed the boundaries of modern day male grooming to previously unthinkable limits by launching the market's first lipstick for men. Available in twelve subtly enhancing shades, MMUK's Liquid Velvet Matte Lipstick has b

One In Three American Men Will Be Wearing Makeup By 2020

Rewind a couple of decades and the term ‘male grooming’ was pretty much non-existent. In fact, even if you roll into the early 2000’s, most men’s bathroom weaponry would of consisted of a simple off-the-shelf shower gel, bar of soap and perhaps a men’s shampoo. Press the fast-forward button and nearly twenty years on and in a world of selfies, social media and gender fluidity - men’s grooming has evolved remarkably. According to a recent study by grooming brand Wahl - a stagg

Is It Gay For Men To Wear Makeup?

It’s crazy to think that in today’s society we are still posing this question, Is It Gay...? We have come along way in the last decade legalizing gay marriage, banning corrective therapy and letting gay men & women service in our armed forces, however there is still a massive social stigma surrounding people’s lifestyle choices none more than men wearing makeup, today. The beauty industry has seen a steady growth in many brands like MMUK MAN, War Paint For Men, BM Cosmetics,

Britain’s Largest Makeup For Men Brand Arrives In Canada & The United States.

It’s the makeup, skin care and grooming brand that all men have been waiting for! Britain's largest makeup for men brand, MMUK MAN, has officially sailed across the Atlantic ocean, to provide its premium men's cosmetics range in North America. This award-winning men's makeup brand offers everything the modern man desires and more, with over 70 luxurious cosmetic products, designed specifically for men's skin in their range - currently unrivalled by any other male cosmetic h


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