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Let's Talk MMUK Man's BB Cream

Let’s talk real talk about MMUK MAN’s cosmetic collection. Which is all available through online stores and currently in a couple of selected high street shops too. Today I am choosing to feature their BB Cream. We’re breaking it down into easier pieces of information, for you guys reading to learn at a pace that is simple and relatable. What Is It? BB Creams are used in the cosmetic industry to provide the wearer with an all-in-one facial application. They usually combine bo

MMUK MAN - The Beginning - Our Story

As part of this project, we will take a look behind the scenes, meeting the people involved and sharing their stories with you. Kicking us off will be none other than the main man himself Mr Alex Dalley, CEO & Group President Alex, like many young men suffered from really bad acne as a teen and in his early 20’s.  As you can imagine, this caused him to have massive confidence issues at school and when dating - adding to this, Alex is registered blind, which brings about a num

Male Makeup Brand MMUK MAN Launches World's First Lipstick For Men

With one in five America men now dabbling in cosmetics - makeup firm MMUK MAN have this week launched the world's first men's lipstick, to cater for their fast-evolving bathroom needs. In a true beauty first, one business based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has pushed the boundaries of modern day male grooming to previously unthinkable limits by launching the market's first lipstick for men. Available in twelve subtly enhancing shades, MMUK's Liquid Velvet Matte Lipstick has b

The Ultimate Guide to Contouring For Men

MMUK MAN’s Contouring Palette, available in a 3-well format and a 6-well alternative, for men who wish to take their cosmetic application to the next level. The growing demand by men to further enhance their appearance with daily contouring is further evidence of how men and makeup is no longer simply a taboo subject talked about in the guy’s locker room. Gentlemen are quickly coming to realize and visibly see the benefits of contouring, especially with the rise in popularity

Britain’s Largest Makeup For Men Brand Arrives In Canada & The United States.

It’s the makeup, skin care and grooming brand that all men have been waiting for! Britain's largest makeup for men brand, MMUK MAN, has officially sailed across the Atlantic ocean, to provide its premium men's cosmetics range in North America. This award-winning men's makeup brand offers everything the modern man desires and more, with over 70 luxurious cosmetic products, designed specifically for men's skin in their range - currently unrivalled by any other male cosmetic h


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