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The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Bronzer, What is It?

So, you’ve spent hours flicking through Instagram and seeing hundreds of those guys who always look immaculate. To add insult to injury, more often than not, they’ll be sporting a fully fledged bronzed and flawless complexion. Sure, it might be a filter, but the number of men getting a grip on their grooming standards is skyrocketing and today, we’re here to make sure you don’t get left behind. A huge part of achieving a healthy, tanned and blemish-free post-holiday look, all

MMUK MAN - The Beginning - Our Story

As part of this project, we will take a look behind the scenes, meeting the people involved and sharing their stories with you. Kicking us off will be none other than the main man himself Mr Alex Dalley, CEO & Group President Alex, like many young men suffered from really bad acne as a teen and in his early 20’s.  As you can imagine, this caused him to have massive confidence issues at school and when dating - adding to this, Alex is registered blind, which brings about a num

Why Is It Important To Buy Cruelty-Free Men's Beauty Products?

You’ll find the subject of testing on animals still applies even in 2019. Companies still make the conscious decision to test on animals for their beauty brands. At the end of the day it is majority to fill their profits. However, there are 100’s of companies who are either switching or were founded with the message of not testing on animals. It is an important global problem that is on the minds of many consumers to whether it makes a difference. The truth is it makes a huge

One In Three American Men Will Be Wearing Makeup By 2020

Rewind a couple of decades and the term ‘male grooming’ was pretty much non-existent. In fact, even if you roll into the early 2000’s, most men’s bathroom weaponry would of consisted of a simple off-the-shelf shower gel, bar of soap and perhaps a men’s shampoo. Press the fast-forward button and nearly twenty years on and in a world of selfies, social media and gender fluidity - men’s grooming has evolved remarkably. According to a recent study by grooming brand Wahl - a stagg


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