A Simple Makeup For Men Routine For Men Over 50

Hello there,

I'm a man that's now well into my 50's and I've never come across makeup before. I'm looking for some products that are going to improve my skin and make me feel better. I have no experience with makeup so I'm not too sure on which products to try. Please can you help? I don't want anything fake looking just an easy to follow step-by-step routine.

Thanks, Brian

Good Morning Brian,

Thank you for sending in your recent picture. I'm very confident that we can help.

For gentlemen like yourself in your 50's, makeup is often quite a new concept so you're certainly not alone. I also find that recommending a routine is quite easy as less is definitely more when it comes to applying male makeup for the first time. Therefore, I'd like to suggest a simple 4 step routine that is very easy to follow and will give you nice and natural results.

I'd firstly recommend applying our men's BB Cream in the color light. This blemish balm can be applied just like an ordinary daily moisturizer using your fingertips. It gives the skin a subtle matte finish that will last long into the evening of your event. It also won't rub off onto shirt collars or begin to cake, which can sometimes make it look obvious that you're wearing makeup. You'll notice that your skin looks instantly smoother and minor blemishes and rough areas of skin are instantly smoothed out.

Next up is a dab of concealer. Using our liquid Under Eye Concealer (in N4), you can lightly sweep this product under your eyes and dab it in using your fingertip or Blending Brush for more even coverage. It will instantly fill in any lines around your eyes and brighten dark circles and bags too. The beauty with this men's concealer is that it doubles up as a blemish concealer too so you can dot it over any remaining blemishes that may be more defined after you've applied your BB cream.

After you've taken care of that side of things, I'd recommend using a little Beard Filler  and applying it into your facial hair and eyebrows with a Beard Filler Brush. By using a gentle pressing motion when you apply it, you'll begin to see your facial hair become more defined.

To finish, a dusting of Anti-Shine Powder will keep your skin shine free and your products in place all day/night with no touch ups required. Simply dust this product over your t-zone with a Powder Brush and you'll be all set. Our Anti-Shine powder is translucent so it won't add any unnecessary color to your new makeup for men routine and instead will correct your skin and blot out any oil build up too.

All four of these products have short tutorials showing how best to apply them on their individual product pages, so even as a makeup newcomer, you'll quickly be able to get to grips with them.

I've put links to my suggestions within my response also and highly recommend a good Cleanser that's powerful enough to remove your products at the end of the night.

It's also worth investing in a nice Facial Serum that you can apply at night and before your routine to help smooth out your skin, prior to the application of your new products.

Thank you so much and if you have any more questions or concerns, I'm always here. 


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