Can you wear makeup while using a face mask?

While we are all coming to terms with the new reality and following the guidelines and advise shared by many professionals on safely navigating Covid, we find ourselves having to wear the new trendy face mask, to work, to the store and even social gatherings. But this begs the question can we still wear makeup while using a face mask?

For many of us out there the reason we wore makeup pre Covid was to look good, boost our self confidence and to hide our imperfections, always putting our best face forward. Now with the trendy new face mask added to the mix some may feel the need not to wear makeup or they are afraid it will rub off leaving us feel self confident, but this dose not have to be the case.

Taking care of are skin has always been important and preparing our skin correctly before applying any makeup or skincare product is key. So here at MMUK MAN we asked our highly respected team of makeup professionals, how can we put our best face forward while wearing a face mask and for our makeup to still look good when we take off the face mask in a social gathering, bar, restaurant or family event. Here is what they had to say:

1. Daily Cleansing

As face masks are an important part in reducing the spread of the Covid virus, it is also important to acknowledge that they can also be tough on the skin from the long daily use, causing problems like skin redness, itchiness, acne breakouts and possibly some skin peeling. Therefore it is important to wash and cleanse your s kin daily after wearing your face mask. As part of your daily skin care routine we recommend using our MMUK MAN Face Wash & Anti Acne Cleansing Lotion with their engineered formulas to calm skin redness, itchiness and fight against acne breakouts this is the perfect first step.

2. Keep Your Skin Hydrated – Moisturize

Dry and irritated skin can be a common problem when wearing a face mask, along with friction created by the mask when talking or just by doing or natural everyday facial movements. To reduce this, applying a protective layer to the skin by using a heavy moisturizer like MMUK MAN Intense Hyaluronic Moisturizer before applying your makeup will help. This moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid one of the ingredients recommended by the American Academy of Dermatologists while using a mask to protect your skin. This moisturizer is perfect for those sensitive skin areas and also contains, Vitamin E, Wild Yam Root Extract and Shea Butter that will provide nourishment and conditioning to your skin all day long. This moisturizer will create a resistant barrier on you face preventing chafing from your face mask.

3. Use Light, Non-Comedogenic Foundations

While using a face mask it is possible that there will be some smudging and makeup transfer to your mask. As a precaution and to prevent this from being noticeable when taking your mask off is necessary, are team of expects suggest keeping it light and natural, using non pore clogging or clumpy foundations like MMUK MAN Mineral Loose Foundation and MMUK MAN Mineral Matte Foundation. Both these mineral infused ultra fine powder foundations will help nourish your skin whilst providing total undetectable even coverage, perfect for all skin types, leaving your complexion looking health and toned with undetectable finish.

4. Apply A Setting Powder

To help prevent the smudging and transfer of your makeup, another key step is recommended. Using a translucent pressed setting powder such as MMUK MAN Translucent Pressed Powder will give you the confidence and reassurance you need to know that you’re always putting your best face forward. This powder is totally invisible but comes in a shade that matches the coverage you have already on your skin and with its added benefits of oil controlling which will prevent the skin from looking shiny and keeping your skin hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

5. Showcase Your Eyes

For many the eyes are the window to your sole, so it is key to play up your eye game now more than ever. While working, attending meetings, going on a date or just casually going about your daily life, the eyes are what people will see first creating that lasting first impression and create a little mystery. Here at MMUK MAN our range of Eyeliner and Mascaras can help make your eyes pop creating interest and that sense of mysteries. What dose the face behind the mask look like!!

6. Don’t Forget The Brows

Like your eyes, your eyebrows area a real statement piece right now, so its important not to forget about these. For many men, the eyebrow hair can be unruly, thin and shapeless, but not to worry here at MMUK MAN we have taken this into consideration with our Brow Range. Our range of brow makeup will help you to create a thicker more defined looking brow, with products like MMUK MAN Brow Filler, MMUK MAN Brow Liner and MMUK MAN Brow Mascara you will never have to worry. To finish off your incredible brow look MMUK MAN Brow Wax and Setting Pomade will tame those unruly eyebrow hairs, keeping them in shape and hold that powerful look all day long.

7. Finally, Don’t Forget To Protect Your Lips

Nobody likes chapped or sore lips, so to prevent this its good to stay hydrated. However due to the new trendy face mask we need to take extra care. The skin on the lips is soft and thin and can become dry and chapped quickly if not taken care off. The friction created by the face mask against your lips can cause irritation resulting in constant licking of the lips, which as a result can make your lips look red and sore. This is why are experts here at MMUK MAN recommend you use a lip balm for men. This lip balm effectively targets and rejuvenates the three core layers of your lips to initiate long term natural moisturization. With its colorless solution the lip balm will heal and protect with just two applications per day, it has become a complete game changer in the lip balm world. Also for those social gatherings where you may want to add a bit of masculine color to you lips, MMUK MAN has the perfect solution for you; MMUK MAN Liquid Velvet Lipstick For Men and the New Lip Gloss For Men. They will fit discreetly into your pocket and with its wand inside its super easy to apply.

Stay Safe & Always Put Your Best Face Forward.

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