Foundation For Men, Which One Is Right For You?

Lets get ready for the after party, (the party we're all going to have after the Covid-19 lock down) with certain types of makeup for men and really stand out from the crowd in a bar, restaurant or club.  The fact is guys that limitless perfection is now just a squeeze away.  Today we’ve brought foundation for men to the table to preview, review and discuss the pro’s and con’s of this ever growing in popularity cosmetic product; gradually appearing on more and more men's bathroom shelves day after day.

The fact is that there are three sides to the story of men's makeup...

The first... The men who see it as ‘homosexual’, ‘girly’ and ‘uncool’.  

There’s the other... whom purely rely on makeup for men to redefine their masculinity and use it in the wrong ways and in the wrong areas meaning the desired effects are not quite achieved.

And there’s the truth:  That makeup for men and men's foundation used correctly can transform your look, propel your confidence and turn you in to a ‘new men’. 

So what types men's foundations are right for you?  How can it be applied correctly?  And, what are the different looks these generate?

We’ll discuss them all in detail so you can get to grips wit men's makeup foundation and start your very own journey to perfection.  We’ll also discuss some products and highlight some real life case studies when it comes to the new cosmetic buzz surrounding the world of male grooming and skin care.

There are three main types of foundation for men on offer from MMUK MAN.  

Firstly, liquid foundations for men.  These can be applied very similarly to a moisturizer for men.  Use the heat from your fingers to rub in the makeup evenly and thoroughly and gain a very natural looking finish.  These men's foundations cover up imperfections expertly and generally need to be topped up during your day depending on the quality.  This type of men's foundation offers excellent coverage and astonishing moisture the liquid form is often described by many men as a great blend between perfection and comfort.  However, there can be a drawback.  Apply too much or use too much moisturizer beforehand and your skin may begin to glow throughout your day as your skins natural oil level intensifies, which many men experience.  Also, many men's makeup artists recommend breaking your complexion underneath your jawbone with a men's eye shadow or bronzer.  We highly recommend this in a bid to retain a masculine, chiseled and subtle look.  

Secondly, a matte oil free foundation is perfect for men looking to use makeup whom suffer

from naturally oilier skin.  Matte Foundations for men promote a masculine finish as they retain oil and refuse to give your face that washed out, glowing look; not exactly what we call manly.  They blend just as well as their liquid counterparts and really avoid that ‘cakey’ look.  You can achieve a look which illustrates subtlety and machismo whilst covering up imperfections such as spots, scars, acne and many others.  

Finally, the perfect mix a ‘creme to powder foundation’ really harnesses the needs of the larger population of men wishing to use makeup.  Initially applied in a cream form the product begins to dry with it, disguising many of the imperfections experienced by men mentioned above.  However, what makes this product a great choice for men who experience medium levels of oil in their skin is that; as it powders it really promotes ‘rough and ready’ perfection.

Many cream to powder foundations for men can be applied with a men's makeup sponge.  Apply with a small swiping action to cover up your unwanted features and highlight areas of your face you want to show off.  As this begins to dry, this form of foundation will dry, powder and blend perfectly with your natural skins’ pigments and leave you looking like the man!

The bare facts are thus...

  • All types of foundation for men provide excellent coverage.

  • A liquid form of men's foundation is perfect for people with dryer skin.

  • A matte oil-free foundation is ideal for men with naturally very oilier skin.

  • A great medium is a ‘creme to powder’ (pressed) foundation for guys which really achieve a great balance of perfection and masculinity.

  • Liquid foundation can be extremely effective with some tricks of the trade; for example highlighting and contouring.

  • Matte Foundations provide a flawless finish without the glow of it’s counterpart.

  • Quality over quantity when it comes to makeup for men is the number one rule every man should abide by.

Play the game, rule the roost and define your own future by standing out in the crowd with expert men's makeup.  Start with a foundation or concealer for men and then experiment.  So if you’re looking to impress, want to gain perfection before a night out with the boys or simply just wishing to improve your everyday look then men's foundations is the first stepping stone to your new and improved man’s world.

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