How To Take Care Of The Skin Under Your Beard

Many of us are the men who care about the appearance of our face and our skin. We are increasingly aware that every part of the body needs different care. Even so, sometimes we forget that on our face, there are areas that also need different types of care.

An example of this would be the skin under the beard. Although it may seem to us that it is the same as the skin on the rest of our face, facial hair makes this skin have characteristics that can result in drier skin. 

To avoid all these symptoms we must follow a series of skin care steps. The first is that we should reduce the temperature of our showers. The higher the temperature, the more our skin will dry out. In addition, we should use a soap specifically designed to hydrate our skin.

A good choice would be a moisturizing shampoo, just like those we would use for our hair. Once we’ve finished showering it is important to dry our beard to remove excess water. It is advisable to use the hairdryer once we have dried with a towel.

Another beneficial step is to exfoliate the skin on our face a couple of times a week. This will help eliminate the excess oils, impurities and dead skin. In addition, we must remember that the natural oils that our beard creates are there for something. Therefore, we should apply a beard oil every time we clean it, so as to prevent it from drying out and therefore leaving the skin underneath irritated. 

Having a good diet is always beneficial for us, but especially if what we want is to have perfect skin. This also applies to the beard area as well.  Eating a balanced healthy diet and exercising is also very useful to maintain a healthy and bushy beard, as physical exercise will increase our testosterone, which increases the well-being of the hair.

Finally, it is important to let our beard breathe, by combing it daily this will air it and also allow the natural oils that our skin creates distribute and hydrate the facial hair. 

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