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Let’s talk real talk about MMUK MAN’s cosmetic collection. Which is all available through online stores and currently in a couple of selected high street shops too. Today I am choosing to feature their BB Cream. We’re breaking it down into easier pieces of information, for you guys reading to learn at a pace that is simple and relatable.

What Is It?

BB Creams are used in the cosmetic industry to provide the wearer with an all-in-one facial application. They usually combine both skincare and makeup style benefits to the skin and can be used both to build upon or to replace other key stages in a typical routine. They typically cover the entirety of your face and neck. The term ‘BB’ in the industry usually stands for: ‘blemish balm’ or ‘beauty balm’. I think choosing to name it something more unique helped me to learn the term quicker. I go for ‘blemish blanket’ because it does just that, it lightly blankets blemishes across your skins surface. You essentially provide your skin with a veil of goodness. That actively works to give you a clear and an even base to work upon. The application of a BB Cream provides both an external barrier and internal support-system that treats the skin from within. BB Cream’s are lighter than a foundation and therefore, you may need to consider applying a concealer to some skin imperfections that are a little more dominating on your skins surface. Unlike a foundation that levels the field in a similar, yet more heavy-duty manner.

Why MMUK MAN’s BB Cream Is Useful?

MMUK MAN’s engineered formula has been created for the thicker skin types that men scientifically have. Unlike their counter-sex cosmetic rivals, which these days do now provide the skin with nourishment and other benefits. You’ll find the application and texture of these cosmetics to be a lot heavier in comparison. MMUK MAN’s range does things a little differently. With luxury formulas that provide a veil-like application to the skin, leaving untraceable finishes as the main priority. This allows men to enjoy their natural facial assets without the need of a mask. Skin imperfections are tackled being the main problem and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Ranging from: black heads, white heads, skin redness, dry or flaky skin, broken capillaries, puffy eyes, acne, dark spots, pockmarks, papules, age spots, ingrown hairs, birthmarks, scars, hyper pigmentation, sun-spots, large pores and rosacea, among a few others. Like I mentioned above, see how the BB Cream sits across your skins surface and decide whether an additional application of concealer can level out some stubborn imperfections.

This BB Cream features its own 5-in-1 formula, giving you multiple and wide benefits to your skin. A no-fuss application with the highest grade of ingredients, to give you a finish that looks natural and still retains that essence of masculinity. Check out what makes this BB Cream quite the snazzy option to have:

- Sebum Controlling – Tackling and absorbing an abundance of oils secreted by your skin’s pores. A naturally occurring system in all skin types, but some suffer an excess amount. This solution helps to banish any additional oils, which result in shiny skin when untreated. You’ll be left with a mattified finish with a defensive barrier.

- Brightening Enzymes – Microscopic particles and millions of them are introduced to your skins surface and refract sunlight, giving you a complexion that is brighter, healthier and more radiant. Say goodbye to those grey day hues that leave you looking like the zombies you hack ‘n slash on your consoles.

- Age Defense – Provides your skin with a heavy-duty form of protection against, toxins, impurities, bacteria and naturally occurring environmental debris that attacks the skin microscopically. The formula contains science and engineering to provide skin healing abilities to the area treated. It aids in the prevention of dark circles, fatigued and sagging looking skin. You’ll find overtime your skin looks and appears tighter and firmer to the visible eye.

- Whitening Molecules – Molecules in the formula tackle those areas where fine lines and wrinkles leave the face looking less elastic and older, to bring some youth back into your complexion. Re-plumping these areas to leave the skin more revitalized and younger. An anti aging effect overtime will be apparent with your complexion from daily use of this product.

- Inbuilt Tint – Providing you with a surface area that naturally looks sun-kissed. The premium formula uses a masculine and natural hint of color to re-energize dull looking skin and with its moisturizing and hydrating elements. You can be sure that your skins surface its smooth and consistently healthier. It gives you that ‘I’ve just got back from holiday glow’ we all secretly love but hate to amid to others.

How Do I Apply?

Either use a buffering style brush, a beauty sponge, or even your fingertips to spread the formula around. Each tool can give similar results depending how you use them. Just dab little blogs across the face and then with a light dabbing motion pat the formula into and around your skin. You’ll find the tools work for each personal differently. I find using the buffering brush more desirable along my beard/hairline and the sponge across the flatter and more contoured areas of my face. These give me a more controlled and consistent application personally.

Review: Taking into consideration the points above, I’ve used this product a number of times myself. A little easier than using a series of products to build your desired look. Especially if you are stretched for time and want something quick and effective. I feel less is more with most makeup, but this one considerably. I do feel this does give you a significantly fresher complexion that is consistent over the entire area treated. Priming the skin and giving you an easier base to work upon. It’s definitely built for those who are after a whole complexion free from flaws. The formula does have a luxury finish to it and because of how fine the texture is on the skin, it’s hard to trace it across the usual stress lines. This was something I noticed straight away myself.

I would advise to layer some bronzer and/or highlights across the contours to give your whole complexion some natural angles and definition. Without that, your flawless skin free from imperfections may stray towards looking a little flat, which can become a noticeable feature. That being said, this BB Cream works beautifully into the hairline of your face and beard especially. I have used it for a smaller surface area around the eyes to brighten what was, a rather dull and fatigued looking gaze before. The results for that were brilliant and it completely changed my overall appearance, without it being traceable. I still prefer to use the MMUK MAN UNDER EYE CONCEALER for my eyes area, but was happy to see this BB Cream had a similar finish should I ever need to use it.

My own skin contains all sorts of skin imperfections (like everyone else reading this). Being both sensitive and combination prone skin, I have my fair share of things that I’d like to camouflage. Black heads (which are massive, I’m talking meteor shower impact here) across my nose are almost non-existent after using this BB Cream and the same goes for my cheeks, which can often get inflamed and rather hot to the touch. It’s given me real results that set my skin up for the busy day ahead it usually has to endure.

I write content here for you guys and for myself too. But, also run the entire floor at my local restaurant 4/5 days a week as a manager. So, my day-to-day life is usually one of constant long hours, sweating it out and hoping my composure still looks intact. This BB Cream is no exception to staying locked in place ever after a full shift running a restaurant. What was even better was the removal and how noticeably smooth, hydrated and less inflamed my skin looked after I cleansed my face. Both its practical qualities for my complexion and the nourishment it gave my skin, left me greatly satisfied.

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