Male Beauty, A Look Into The Future

The Male Beauty Bar by MMUK MAN, A Look Into The Future
Male Beauty, A Look Into The Future

Having radiant and healthy-looking skin has never been as desired by men as it is nowadays. That's thanks to a new wave of brands and personalities on the web that are working tirelessly to change the conventional arsenal of male grooming and smash gender stereotypes around beauty in the process  The clamber for men's makeup has never been so frantic and it's brands like MMUK MAN that are cashing in.

According to Euromonitor, the global market for men's skin care will grow 24% over the next five years to reach $ 5 billion.  More and more men are paying attention to personal care and especially younger gents, as they are exploring broader definitions of masculinity in defiance against long-established beauty norms.  For some, this means exploring the benefits of makeup, while for others, it involves just going a little further than a basic shaving regimen and using products like moisturizers and exfoliating masks.

Along with YouTube, makeup tutorials and online reviews have become immensely popular.  Among this burgeoning industry, some men have become cosmetic icons. Jeffree Star, a musician who has become a makeup phenomenon, has more than 16 million YouTube subscribers, whilst Manny Mua has more than 4 million followers.  In 2016, Cover Girl named James Charles as its first male ambassador with more than 16 million followers on the same platform

Towards the end of 2018 and in order to expand its market presence, luxury fashion giants such as Chanel, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs all launched small collections of cosmetics specifically designed for men.

The Asia Pacific market is now one of the fastest growing regions for the use of cosmetics and grooming products for men.  According to GlobalData, three quarters of South Korean men receive a weekly beauty or grooming treatment. The beauty of prestige led this trend in the West, with Harrods opening a Gentleman’s Lounge back in 2010, focusing on creating an experience of personal grooming with skin care items, fragrances and new technologies.  As men increasingly make such purchases for themselves, it is important that they feel comfortable in the beauty aisle.

Possibly in the 2020's, we will begin to see in department stores and pharmacies, exclusive shelves of male makeup, along with different proposals and new products designed specifically for the needs of the modern man. Until then, brands like MMUK MAN will continue to work to further break down the stigma that makeup is just for girls.

The emergence of online stores offering specialized products for men has expanded rapidly in recent years. However, physical stores still dominate the market in general.  That's why we have native online brands such as Harry's making agreements with major chains such as Target and Walmart in the United States and Boots in the United Kingdom, after being acquired by Edgewell.  On the other hand, Sephora and Ulta Beauty have also incorporated more and more cosmetics and products for men in their aisles. 

As the male grooming industry has grown, the makeup market has continued to expand.  In the last ten years and when makeup and men was still considered a niche, brands such as MMUK MAN have led the industry with innovative formulas. Their range of products are used by millions of men as complementary tools in their daily routine to help put their best faces forward.

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