Male Makeup Brand MMUK MAN Launches World's First Lipstick For Men

With one in five America men now dabbling in cosmetics - makeup firm MMUK MAN have this week launched the world's first men's lipstick, to cater for their fast-evolving bathroom needs.

In a true beauty first, one business based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has pushed the boundaries of modern day male grooming to previously unthinkable limits by launching the market's first lipstick for men.

Available in twelve subtly enhancing shades, MMUK's Liquid Velvet Matte Lipstick has been designed to look completely natural and shimmer-free. The style of the product itself is extremely masculine and its features include a long-lasting formula that's very easy to apply. The lipstick is now available online for $22.00 in the United States & Canada.

'Modern men are trying every trick in the book to help put their best face forward and are becoming much more open to trying new cosmetic products.' MMUK MAN Group President Alex Dalley said. 'Wearing lipstick is just a natural evolution of modern day male grooming,' he added.

YouTube Beauty Sensation Nate Robert Has His Say:

'Whilst a decade ago, a facial moisturizer and wash would have made an acceptable grooming routine. Nowadays, it's not unusual for guys to have the likes of eye cream, concealer, foundation and even beard filler at their disposal. It's incredibly exciting for the industry that the first male lipstick has now launched and my guess is that it won't be the last' .

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