MMUK MAN - The Beginning - Our Story

As part of this project, we will take a look behind the scenes, meeting the people involved and sharing their stories with you. Kicking us off will be none other than the main man himself Mr Alex Dalley, CEO & Group President 

Alex, like many young men suffered from really bad acne as a teen and in his early 20’s.  As you can imagine, this caused him to have massive confidence issues at school and when dating - adding to this, Alex is registered blind, which brings about a number of altogether different daily challenges.  Being a young curious adult, Alex decided that there was only one thing he could do to put his best face forward and that was to raid his mum’s makeup bag in secret to hide his imperfections. He's regularly use her products on nights out, at his school prom, graduation and even when he was going on dates with his girlfriend.  

It was during his late teens and early 20's that Alex had seen a gap in the market for young men like himself that wanted to hide their spots and imperfections and who secretly were wearing their mothers or sisters makeup - or even buying it online under an alias name, so not to raise suspension.   As part of his final year project at university, Alex had to develop a business idea and what better idea to explore than the concept of makeup for men. After successfully completing his university degree and landing a 9 to 5 sales job that he did not like, Alex decided In 2011 that he would take his university project and make it a reality, Setting his sights on creating a Makeup For Men brand that would break the beauty boundaries and the stereotype at the time that ‘men don’t wear makeup’. He built a brand that many believed would not be in demand anytime in the future.  MMUK MAN was formed!

Over the past decade, Alex has become one of the leading businessmen within the makeup for men industry: Developing products that best suit the needs of modern men, promoting that just because a man wears makeup, it's not an attack on his masculinity and launching some makeup firsts for men, including beard mascara, lipstick and contour powder.  These have been amazing achievements for a young guy who wanted simply to hide his imperfections and put his best face forward. Foreseeing the demand, the potential and the benefit his brand would have for thousands of men around the world, some would say was a masterstroke in the modern beauty world. Now, MMUK MAN is being sold on multiple continents and available in stores around the world.  

In Alex’s own words: ‘MMUK MAN has only really scratched the surface of the men’s beauty market and as we establish ourselves as a global leader across several continents, we’ve still got millions of men’s lives to change in the process.  The next decade has just as many challenges as we’ve faced in the previous decade of business, but we’ll continue our rise to the top and relentlessly in our mission to make makeup for men mainstream.’  

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