One In Three American Men Will Be Wearing Makeup By 2020

Rewind a couple of decades and the term ‘male grooming’ was pretty much non-existent. In fact, even if you roll into the early 2000’s, most men’s bathroom weaponry would of consisted of a simple off-the-shelf shower gel, bar of soap and perhaps a men’s shampoo.

Press the fast-forward button and nearly twenty years on and in a world of selfies, social media and gender fluidity - men’s grooming has evolved remarkably.

According to a recent study by grooming brand Wahl - a staggering 20% of men now use makeup on a daily basis and with the global men’s beauty market expected to be worth an eye-watering $75 billion by 2023 - there’s certainly no sign of male makeup becoming a flash in the pan.

According to MMUK MAN, the world’s leading makeup for men brand, one in three British men will be slapping on a real life filter and indulging in the likes of concealer, beard filler and brow gel by the end of 2020, based on their current growth rates.

It appears as though millennials are fueling the flames of growth in this beauty category, with guys between the ages of 19 and 30 most likely to dabble in ‘man-slap’ according to the study. 39% of men in this age bracket now use cosmetics on a daily basis it also claims.

This natural evolution of modern grooming is a far cry from sneaking into your sister’s makeup bag to pop on a little concealer, to help cover up a zit. Men are now fine tuning their complexions to such an extent that they demand male specific products designed just for their skin.

Other big brands, aside from MMUK MAN are reacting too and launching their own male specific cosmetic lines. With fashion houses Chanel and Tom Ford getting their grooming game on, the selection available to men all over the world is quickly increasing.

For guys fighting flare ups and drawing upon the ‘skinspiration’ provided to them by A-Lister’s like David Beckham, slipping cosmetics like foundation and tinted moisturizer into their desk drawers and wash bags is now much less of a big deal.

Whilst Becks’ recent LOVE magazine cover-shoot turned heads, after he sported green eyeshadow and eyeliner - everyday guys are opting for the more subtle approach. MMUK’s core range of products for example, are designed to be invisibly worn, look completely subtle and be very easy to apply.

‘Brands are now creating skin care and very subtle cosmetic products that are specifically designed for men that are masculinely packaged’ says Youtube male beauty sensation Nate Robert, who regularly uploads tutorials and reviews of the market’s most popular products. ‘They are perfect for making men feel completely comfortable and really allow guys to experiment’, he adds.

Meanwhile, MMUK MAN founder Alex Dalley believes that ‘men’s makeup should naturally cover imperfections and  give gentlemen subtle confidence-boosting enhancement. They should promote health and improve the complexion’.

With popular influencers like Carlos Batlle, Albert Groshenko and Warren Phillips, who boast over half-a-million social media followers between them endorsing MMUK MAN, more men are quickly realizing how far a little touch of concealer, manscara and anti-shine powder can take them.

MMUK MAN is exclusively available in Canada, USA and Mexico.

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