The Ultimate Guide to Contouring For Men

How To Contour For Men, Beginners Guide To Contouring For Men
Contouring Guide For Men

MMUK MAN’s Contouring Palette, available in a 3-well format and a 6-well alternative, for men who wish to take their cosmetic application to the next level. The growing demand by men to further enhance their appearance with daily contouring is further evidence of how men and makeup is no longer simply a taboo subject talked about in the guy’s locker room.

Gentlemen are quickly coming to realize and visibly see the benefits of contouring, especially with the rise in popularity of YouTube makeup for men vloggers like Jake-Jamie Ward, who openly endorse it. With this, we have been contacted by a large number of men, searching for advice on the best way to get it right and make it look natural. Whilst contouring as a woman can sometimes involve 10-15 individual steps, fortunately for you guys, it can be simplified hugely, after all, most of our clients want a quick step brief on how to get a game changing complexion.

Follow the 5 below steps on how to achieve a subtle and sculpted face and you’ll be instantly onto a winner. Without a little guidance in this area of men’s cosmetics, you do run the risk of contouring going wrong, often resulting in a strap of bronzer along your cheekbone, resembling something out of a horror movie rather than a GQ front cover. Achieve an angular face, which is subtly sculpted with the help of MMUK MAN’s brand new men’s makeup palette.

What Will I need? - You’ll first need a Liquid Foundation for men that closely matches your skin tone, along with two Concealer Stick’s. One of the concealer stick’s must be 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin tone and the other must be 1 or 2 shades darker, entirely depending on how subtle you want your contouring to look. You’ll also need a foundation or kabuki brush, along with some application sponges.

Step 1 – Start by prepping your face with your foundation. Apply it evenly all over with your chosen Foundation Brush, with the idea behind this just being to simply unify your face with an even tone and color. Remember, if you’re stuck with what shades to buy you can send us in a recent photo and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with the best shade of product for you.

Step 2 – With the darker of your concealer stick it’s now time to map your face, which isn’t as complex as it sounds. Add product to your temples in a thin line towards your hairline, before running a thin line of concealer down each side of your nose, from about two thirds down it, joining both lines at the tip. Next, run your fingertips underneath your jaw bones until you find the hollow bit. Just above this is where you will need to add a short line of darker concealer to enhance the appearance of your jawline. Finish by applying a line of product down your jawlines and briefly on along the chin if you have a flatter chin that you want to make look more sculpted.

Step 3 – Once you have mapped your face, take a damp application brush and blend in each area of product into your foundation in a circular dabbing motion. On the larger areas use the entire sponge, but the more detailed areas like on the edges of your nose use the smaller flat area of the sponge, as precision is key. Your contoured face will then begin to take shape as the sculpted areas naturally become more defined, especially down your cheekbones and jaw line. Remember guys, as with anything, practice does make perfect, so don’t be afraid to practice this a few times until you get it right.

Step 4 – Now it’s time to highlight. Take the lighter of your concealer stick and swipe underneath your eyes, across the bridge of your nose, the center of your chin and below your cheekbones. This swiping of lighter product will ensure the darker areas appear more distinct and ultimately create the illusion of a more sculpted and toned face. Once you have highlighted these areas, blend the lighter and darker sections of your face in with the same damp Application Sponge, so the fade looks incredibly natural.

Step 5 – Finish your look with the use of a Translucent Setting Powder, dust this across your entire face with a kabuki or mineral Buffer Brush, as this is a strong way to set your look all day long.

Can Contouring work for men? Absolutely, just ask Jake-Jamie who did a fantastic feature on the best ways to look sculpted last year. Of course, some techniques may differ, but today we’ve described the process in just a few simple steps, just so you’re able to get the idea. Of course, the fascination with contouring began with women’s makeup and in Elle’s recent Easy Contouring Guide you’ll find some really useful diagrams of how to make it work for you, as a man. Jake-Jamie the world’s number one makeup for men guru will be doing a feature on MMUK MAN next month, which will involve the benefits of men’s contouring makeup, so be sure to keep an eye out.

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