Why Is It Important To Buy Cruelty-Free Men's Beauty Products?

You’ll find the subject of testing on animals still applies even in 2019. Companies still make the conscious decision to test on animals for their beauty brands. At the end of the day it is majority to fill their profits. However, there are 100’s of companies who are either switching or were founded with the message of not testing on animals. It is an important global problem that is on the minds of many consumers to whether it makes a difference. The truth is it makes a huge difference and the impact can create bigger waves than you could imagine. The list below shows the importance of buying cruelty free men’s beauty products:

1. It is just more humane. Think about it, you’d feel horrible knowing you were kept against your will and tortured for money, eventually perishing in a small metal cell. Why is the life of a dog or any other animal for that matter any less important than yours? At least you can communicate and use your power of speech to implement change.

MMUK MAN Supports Leaping Bunny
Leaping Bunny - Cruelty Free

2. There are already thousands of ingredients already proven to be safe. This means we already have access to numerous safe ingredients that can formulate different beauty products. Companies don’t even need to test and only do, because they want to. That is a huge concern if you want to back and support a brand who thinks this way inclined.

3. There are better options available on the market, just do your research because all the information is there available to you. If you choose to use a brand that is cruelty free/vegan etc, they have done the hard part. Just make the switch, that’s your only job.

4. You’ll be surprised at how much choice there is on the market these days, so many healthier and safer options for beauty products that easily rival those from brands who test on animals. Just trial and error, take the time to find a better alternative for your beauty product you love and adore.

5. You’ll find cruelty free beauty products are more natural and better on your skin. Some of them even promoting your skins health and restoring it for the better.

6. Nasty chemicals used in animal testing will get stuck in the pores of your skin, or ultimately lead you to health concerns across your face and body. Residual particles could lead to the increase risk of illnesses. Why endanger yourself and the life of an animal?

7. It is a fantastic way to support small businesses who strive for the better life of animals and choose not to test unnecessarily on them. These are the brands you should be getting behind. You’ll find it has a ripple effect as larger companies who are losing money to other smaller competitors, will eventually go cruelty free if they haven’t already done so. It is a fantastic way as you ultimately have a great impact in their decision making. Big brands care about money and if you aren’t spending it with them because they choose to not be cruelty free, then it will force them to change.

These 7 points naturally outline the main concerns for animal testing. At the end of the day, it is just wrong. We have the power and enforcement to make a real change by switching to a cruelty free brand like MMUK MAN to support and this is why it is important to buy cruelty free beauty products.

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