Why It’s Normal Now to Wear Mascara & Not Be Ashamed

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Listen up all you men. You’re here reading this post because you are interested in the world of beauty and are here for advice. You are intrigued and looking to be educated in the cosmetic game. Chances are, you aren’t the only chap with questions reading.

"Can men wear mascara?" – It is a question that has rolled around the internet for a good number of years. The simple answer is, yes. Men can and are, wearing mascara these days! You’ll be shocked to know that many metrosexual men are actively choosing to use mascara each day. Often it's quite untraceable.

We are currently living through the boom of a revolution, where more men are taking their grooming routines more seriously. You’ll find that some are even taking them to the next level and are proud to be doing do. There are many luxury cosmetic brands that have now launched their own cosmetic line for men. Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs & Chanel were a few of those global companies in that list that caught on with the hype. It was back in 2011 when the independent brand, MMUK MAN founded themselves and was one of the first companies to see the potential in the market. Their current range is extensive and covers literally everything that the female market provides to their demographic.

The world of makeup is vast and there are numerous products that you can go out and buy. Mascara is a term that men still feel ashamed about. If you look what the metrosexual male is up against in terms of branding and advertisement, it is not hard to see why its intimidating. Television and internet adverts feature constant, bigger, darker and more volumizing lashes. You can practically cause a stiff wind with every blink. Each one with huge definition that is more suited to heading (out) out. You’ll also find makeup influences and gurus don’t provide any real help for subtle definition. Jeffree Star is known for his full glam looks and whilst they are unbelievably amazing (I’m a fan), it isn’t exactly helping the day-to-day chap looking to give himself a little sprucing up. We then 360 back around to that intimidating factor.

As a guy, I often want to give my lashes some extra lift and subtle changes, that border the untraceable line. I’m all for going full glam should that fun night out ever come around (it probably won’t, I’m that boring!). I prefer the idea of providing some definition that still compliments my natural masculine features. I also believe I'm not alone in this specific department. The idea to give my lashes a little extra edge is exciting and can give more of a focal point to my face when I need it. Your eyes are the window to your soul’ as I’ve often heard. A dreary statement, but still true. So, I’m grateful that there are products on the market that can help me achieve this.

MMUK MAN are a brand I’ve tested in terms of male cosmetics. They produce a luxury product with premium ingredients that give me exactly the coverage I am after. Their formulas are lightweight and untraceable. Not only that, but they have many options available. Their Manscara (mascara for men) comes in three shades, giving me the option to choose between black, brown and clear. ‘Black’ provides a deeper darkness; ‘Brown’ is more natural for giving a thicker illusion to the lash and ‘Clear’ levels out any extra volume, for the ability to sculpt and define more. The science behind the formulas are brilliant and well developed. The ‘Clear’ solution can be used to support healthier lashes and hair follicles by conditioning and priming. Another great feature with the clear option is the ability to wear it whilst you sleep. This will help support hair growth and natural thickening overtime.

I’ve personally been out in public wearing the ‘Manscara’ to see whether people noticed the fact I was wearing any coverage. I wanted to test out reactions and I found more people were none the wiser, to those who were probably more adept with makeup and spotting the difference. Most thought my lashes were naturally lifted, shaped and thicker. When I spoke about using a product, they were astonished with the answer. It really doesn’t have to be as striking as the commercial adverts we all know and see. Just an edge to take your grooming game up a notch and provide you with a slightly more interesting feature, should you want to express yourself. The option is entirely yours to make and you shouldn’t feel any form of shame for wanting to do so.

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